Blockchain at the Edge The world’s 1st Smartphone to Smartphone & IoT Edge Private Blockchain Platform atkrypto.io is going to do for the Blockchain what Larry Ellison and Oracle did for the Database, and the way Steve Jobs would done it – make Blockchain easy for everyone, People, Enterprises, Developers, Entities, Things Blockchain at the Edge for IoT & Communications, everybody is talking about it, but nobody is doing it, atKrypto.io is the world’s 1st” atkrypto.io 2022 Protect Data at the Edge & IoT & Smartphone Apps Provide Privacy and Security and Safety at the Edge & IoT Keep Information and Data and Communications Safe at the Edge Communication / Chat / Instructions Information and Data Give EveryBody, EveryThing, EveryEntity Web 3.0 Enable any Device to Tokenize any Asset Enable any Device to run a peer to peer Blockchain Make Blockchain easy for EveryBody, EveryThing, EveryEntity Private Edge Blockchain Platform for Smartphones, Devices & Things – IoT, Communications . Blockchain at the Edge - total Data Privacy, Security, Integrity, Immutability . your Data, your Private Blockchain, your Blockchain Nodes & Delegates . No backend, no servers, no cloud, no OpenSource code, no SideChains, no Public Blockchains, no Branches . atKrypto.io proprietary Blockchain software runs exclusively on Smartphones, IoT Sensors/Device & Edge Devices . Blockchain & Web3 enabler & Developer Platform SDK . Private Blockchains for Everybody, Companies, Entities, IoT, Developers, Communications . World 1st, everybody is talking about Blockchain at the Edge, we’re the 1st to do it Enterprise Blockchain Platform TAM - $111billion by 2027 Blockchain Technology Market Size USD 111.58 Bn by 2027 | CAGR of 67.6% (emergenresearch.com) Private Blockchain segment will account for 46% of the TAM atKrypto.io Private Edge Smartphone & Device Blockchains for: IoT – Blockchains for IoT regulated and legally compliant manufacturing and supply chain – pharma & fmcg Communications – Blockchains for secured communications, people private communication eg Military, robots, drones, chats, B2C, B2B Application Developers – Blockchains enabling Dapps development - DeFi DAO – Blockchains for DAO’s People – Blockchains for Legal Family Estate Planning, Trading Collectibles, Gaming, Esports, Personal Sensitive Data Sharing 2023 Launches atKrypto.io Private Blockchains Smartphone App atKrypto Blockchain powered “chat” atKrypto.io Private Blockchains Developer SDK 2024 Launches atKrypto.io Private Blockchains for IoT & Edge Devices atKrypto.io Private Blockchains for Enterprise atKrypto.io Private Blockchains Cloud BaaS The world’s 1st Smartphone to Smartphone Private Blockchain Platform – no backend – no middleware atkrypto.io App Private atKrypto Blockchains on a Smartphone Invite friends to be Nodes on Blockchains Make NFT’s and put them on Blockchains Tokenize ANY Asset Blockchain enabled Crypto Wallet DApps enabler of DeCentralised Apps DeFi Platform and Enabler DAO Platform and Enabler World’s 1st Blockchain Chat App Developer SDK atKrypto.io Private Blockchains for IoT & Edge Devices & Communications IOT Internet of Things and Edge computing is going to be one of the biggest opportunities for Private Blockchains Legal, Compliance, Regulated Environments, Data Privacy are dictating that Enterprises and People need Private Trusted Immutable Data Storage Sensors and Smart Devices are getting smarter, pharma and fmcg manufacturing and supply chain, wearables, home appliances, connected cars IOT & Edge Devices and Appliances will be atkrypto.io Private Blockchain Nodes and store their information privately and securely and immutably on the atkrypto.io Private Blockchains Why atkrypto.io now ? Why be an "enabler" of bringing the Blockchain into the mainstream ? We have first mover advantage atkrypto.io sits on top of the @Protocol from The @ Company (www.atsign.com) The @Protocol simply takes the heavy lifting out of the lower level programming effort. The @Protocol provides: The Unique ID for each Blockchain Node – enabling each Node to be uniquely identified on the Blockchain The means for secure private communication between Nodes The underlying mechanisms for Nodes to trust each other The underlying mechanism for Off-Chain Data storage, the @Server on the Mobile Device or Cloud The mechanism for polymorphic permissions and access control to Data on the Blockchain and Off-Chain Proof of Trust mechanism for Blockchain transaction consensus – cpu light, no effect on Smartphone battery life This simply saves a huge pile of programming work – which would cost anybody else another two years of programming The @ Company (www.atsign.com) are incubating @atkrypto